Day 18

This morning’s Self Reiki Session was very comforting. There’s been a lot going on since the death of my friend Rob, getting in touch with people to let them know about the memorial and all. Last night my husband, myself, and a few friends celebrated the new spring season. She came in with summer-like tempatures today, breaking the previous record at a new high of 81 degrees. If you go back to my posting on Day 1 you’ll see a photo of a snow covered wind chime. Less than a month ago the world was all snow and ice, today it was like the middle of June. My own inner life has changed at least as much since my attunement, with clearer energy flow during meditation, an awareness of my diet, and increased sensitivity to harmful words, moods, and attitudes.

1 thought on “Day 18”

  1. Hi Beth!

    Just stopped by to visit your blog.

    How gorgeous! It’s one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen. Wow…

    And I see that you are with WordPress too. I really have enjoyed my time with them. I use to be with Blogger, but changed over….and I’m so happy I did.

    Two things: I LOVE cats and really enjoyed your pictures. They are so cute and lovable. I had two for 19 years (mother and son). I miss them very much. Reiki was such a big help in their passing.

    Also…you live in Minnesota. I always wanted to check that out. I LOVE the colder climate, however the weather is changing eveywhere. I live in Philadelphia and our winters are getting “whimpy” and our summers are unbearably hot and humid. Maybe one day I will check out your home state. I hear it’s beautiful.

    When I have some time, I will be checking out your other web sites. I will also be stopping by here and reading your great posts. Thank you for sharing your Reiki journey with others… REALLY helps with the journey.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog (I left you one too). Stop by anytime!

    Be well,

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