Good Vibrations

This year began with my intention of doing a mind, body, life makeover. Meditation and Reiki are a big part of that, another is exercise. So I got to thinking, isn’t there an exercise I can do that relates more closely to Reiki? Yoga came to mind as I already have several Yoga videos to work from. I’m old and stiff so it’s back to the beginning for me on that. But Reiki comes from Japan, so I’m interested in something a little closer to home to it’s origins. All the information I have on Tai Chi indicates that it’s extremely complicated and difficult to learn.

So I decided to find out about Qigong…and lo and behold there is a Qigong Master living and teaching in Minnesota! Spring Forest Qigong is supposed to be one of the easiest ones to learn, and the founder is the teacher. So I’m using my blog as a bookmark and reminder for future reference.

In other news, I’ve scheduled my Reiki II class with Kristin Barton! I’m extremely excited to be taking class with Kristin, and I’ll be re-taking Reiki I with her as well so it will be a weekend workshop type of thing on Saturday May 12 & Sunday May 13th. It’s all very exciting, plus David and I will be having our First Annual Anniversary Party on the evening of May 12th, so I will be all awash with Reiki, love and happiness for the whole weekend. With all these good vibrations coming my way, I’m looking to share the joy. So if you would like to take Reiki I & II contact Kristin about it through her website.

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