Affirming the Precepts

I have been doing affirmations for the past couple of months, changing the way I look at things bit by bit. Lately I’ve been wanting to create affirmations based upon the Five Spiritual Precepts by Usui Mikao, to help create that energy more strongly within myself. In “The Secret” it tells us that the universe doesn’t understand a negative, so making statements about what you don’t want gets you exactly that…more of what you don’t want! Since there are a number of different translations, I feel OK about altering the wording in English in order to create positive statements to use as daily affirmations. Here’s what I came up with:

Today I release all worries. (Just for today, do not worry.)

Today I release all anger. (Just for today, do not anger.)

I am honoring my parents, teachers and elders. (Honor your parents, teachers and elders.)

I am earning my living honestly. (Earn your living honestly.)

I am grateful to every living thing. (Show gratitude to every living thing.)

I chose the wording based on the affirmations that I am already doing, utilizing the powerful I AM statement to create within myself a new positive, and the I RELEASE statement for letting go of the destructive habits of worry and anger. One other thing I do with my affirmation is have them written on a card. I hold the card between my hands in the prayer position in front of my heart with the intention of sending Reiki with my hands to reinforce my words. I always say my affirmation out loud.

Sometimes during the day I will tell myself “All Good Things are coming to me today” to keep my spirits high and in tune with the positive vibrations that the Goddess and God want for me. I’ll say it when going up or down the stairs or when just walking around, almost singing the words. Sometimes I’ll sing a song to make myself feel good too. It’s all about thinking Happy Thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Affirming the Precepts”

  1. great positive affirmations…yes, i don’t think the exact words you use matters…whatever works for you is the right choice.

    singing is always a good mood enhancer. i don’t think one can be angry when singing. it just moves something in the body and turns it more positive.

    did you have your reiki II training yet? or is it next weekend? good luck!!!

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