A Psychic Weekend

David Moon Columbine


Well, I survived and thrived at my first Psychic Fair where I did Tarot and Faery Oracle readings. It was held on both Saturday and Sunday, and the readings went well I think. At least I didn’t have any complaints! Above is another photo of my beautiful garden, this one taken by my husband of the Columbine that made up part of our wedding flowers last year. They’re back in bloom and the garden ornament was a wedding gift too.


I’m so aware of my energy level, and my mood these days. I make sure to spend some time in meditation and giving myself Reiki, especially when I know that I’m going to be doing readings. Spending time in nature really helps restore my energy too, and every day I’ve been visiting the columbine waiting for the blooms to open up. It just makes me think of all the joyous thoughts of my first year in this home, and the changes and bright future that are coming as I will be offering Reiki from here.

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