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Yesterday was the day. Not only did I receive my Reiki II training and attunement, it was also our first wedding anniversary. The lilacs pictured above are from my backyard, spring is off to a beautiful start as my connection to Reiki continues to blossom, and I’m enjoying the perfect weather we’ve been having here in Minneapolis.


ReikiManualDay 1 – Reiki I Class & Attunement
David dropped me off for the Reiki I class on Saturday which was a review for me, and new to the other student, Virginia. Kristin has her business in her home on the lower level. As I entered Gaia Transformations I was welcomed by the soft scent of incense and candles. Virginia and I settled into the comfy sofa in her waiting room as Kristin began to teach us all about Reiki from the healing touch manual by William Rand. We spent some time getting to know each other as we shared our stories of how we came to Reiki. After learning the history, how Reiki worked, and what we can expect from our attunement, we took a break and went out to lunch. This let us get to know each other as people and women. After lunch we each went into the treatment room and were attuned to Reiki I, which was a refresher for me, but no less powerful than when I was first attuned on March 9th.

Then we learned and practiced self-healing, which is always fun for me, but it was the full treatment that I received from Kristin and Virginia which really made me feel great. We also did treatment on Virginia, and it was fun working with Kristin as a partner. When our treatments were done we went back to the comfy sofa and reviewed everything we had learned during the day. Kristin had some additional materials that we went through, learning about some of common ailments and which Chakras affected them. At the end of the day we were given our Reiki I certificates. 🙂

Day 2 – Reiki II Class & Attunement
It was Sunday, so I had the car. After I dropped David off for work, I went home and read out of my new Reiki manual about the function and uses of the Reiki Symbols which I would be learning in class. Then I went to class, it was hot and windy, so it was nice to go into the cool basement office and start learning about the symbols. We reviewed what I had read, and Kristin talked about her experiences with working with the different symbols. It was interesting and I learned a lot, but I was THRILLED when Kristin brought out the symbols for us to learn. I love the act of writing and calligraphy, and I also am currently in a Rune Study Group that meets once a month. This is one of the things that attracted me to Reiki actually, was using the symbols. With the Reiki symbols, each one has a name as well as a shape, and can be used by drawing it or speaking it.

Symbol 1 is the Power Symbol and was easy to learn. Symbol 2 is the Mental/Emotional symbol, which was shaped very differently, but still pretty easy to learn. We were each given pages to practice writing the symbols on, and I filled them up pretty quickly. For Symbol 3 which is the Distance Symbol, Kristin demonstrated how to draw it to each of us individually since it’s made up of 22 different strokes! Yikes! It’s a lot to learn, but she didn’t expect us to memorize this one immediately. Once we were comfortable writing the symbols it was time for attunement to Reiki II. This attunement activates the symbols we just learned within our own energy systems, so they’re more than just pretty pictures on a page.

After our attunements we discussed the different techniques for doing distance healing, and then we actually DID the distance healing! During our first distance healing on a relative of Virginia’s I had a very strong and personal vision of a Temple of Healing in high in some mountains. I returned to this place for the two other distance healings that followed, and I was so moved by the beauty and uniqueness of this experience, that I didn’t feel ready to share it then, so this is the first time I am mentioning it.

Once the distance healings were done, we went into the treatment room and Kristin showed us some ways to use the symbols during a healing…and we each got a full treatment again. Yay! Finally, we sat down and reviewed what we learned, and talked about how we planned to go about continuing our practice. Kristin promised that we would get together for a Reiki share soon, and I’m really looking forward to doing that.

 When I found my way back home, I had some time before picking up David from work, so I reviewed the symbols some more, practicing them with pen & paper as well as blessing the rooms in the upper level of my house. When I did the work in my bedroom, I noticed my kitty Tinkerbell curled up on the chest at the end of the bed. She seemed to have a good idea, so I decided to lay down for 10 minutes until it was time for me to go pick up my husband. Half an hour later I awoke from a deep slumber, looked at the clock and said to myself “I think there’s something I’m supposed to be doing right now,” and then I remembered my dear David.

 Off I went to pick him up, and then we had a little dinner and relaxed in front of the TV. After we were done digesting I informed him he had a Reiki Treatment appointment with me. A full treatment was done on David while he drifted on the edge of sleep. My day finished with  meditation in the studio and a really good night’s sleep.

4 thoughts on “Reiki II Class & Attunement”

  1. I loved doing Reiki I and II. I didn’t know that you were doing Reiki I w/ her too.

    That temple strikes a cord. I was doing a guided meditation, and I saw a temple like that, it wasn’t the temple described in the guided mediation, was asian in architech. sunny and warm.

    I find meditating w/ Reiki especially the symbols, is really awesome.


  2. Hi Kristin C! She offered the Reiki I since she had a person who wanted to do the whole weekend workshop thingy. The temple that I saw in my mind’s eye had asian architecture too. 😉

  3. Oh Beth,

    Just from the beautiful description of your Reiki 2 day…made my eyes water, thinking about my own reiki attunements.

    It’s the most “special time” isn’t it? There’s NOTHING like that feeling of being “opened”…. to this magnificent gift!

    It’s like “getting married”!

    A UNION with our own essence!

    Bless you…..

    Wishing you a loving, magical “lifetime marrage”!

    I am so happy WITH you!

    Be well,

  4. beth…what a beautiful post (and those flowers are gorgeous)! thanks for sharing it with us.

    You know, when I draw the distance symbol, even though it is ingrained in my brain forever, I STILL count the strokes and get to 22…I do that with the Master symbol as well for some reason? Anyway…as you already know INTENT is 99% of it…if you Intend it to be the Distance Symbol…IT IS!!!!

    Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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