Energy Baths

Lira- Faery of WaterEvery time I turn around I seem to learn another method of energy bathing. First there’s the Dry Bath method where you sweep yourself of unwanted energetic dirt with your reiki hands. This simple technique helps keep your energy clean before meditation, Reiki sessions, or any time you need to clean your aura. Simple and direct, it only takes a few seconds to freshen up with a dry bath. Next, there’s the Salt Water Bath method. Any time I get to soak in a tub is a good thing, so I’m all for it! Just add a large amount of salt to your tub as you’re running the water, soak in and enjoy yourself, then take a quick shower once you’re done to rinse of any salt so you don’t dry your skin off. The third method is to actually take an Energy Bath. When you’re running your water, beam in Reiki with eyes or hands. You can add to this when you climb in and soak, or just give yourself more Reiki as you relax.

Another way you can keep your personal energy clean during the day is to mix some salt in with your liquid soap, so every time you wash your hands you’re using a salt scrub to clean the energy as well. This is especially handy before or after you give yourself or someone else a Reiki or Pranic Energy Session. Something nice to have in your Reiki room is a bottle of Healer’s Spray so you can keep clean during the session as well.

So there’s lots of ways to keep your energy body squeaky clean! I still have to try the salted liquid soap, but it’s something I intend to try this week.

6 thoughts on “Energy Baths”

  1. Good Saturday evening Beth. How are you doing ?

    I liked the different bath information. Reiki does a lot of good when you practice it in its various forms ! I have a reiki 2 degree, and used to love exchanging that energy with my other friends who believed in it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today, and for the resource for help that you left.
    I appreciate it. especially since I am so close to the edge.
    I’m trying as best I can to hang on, and if I need it, I will make that call…

    It really helps when people leave me loving/supportive/understanding comments…
    Each bit of wisdom feeds me — until I can get to a place (like Shephard said) where I can feed myself…

    Blessings to you, Beth.

    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. Annie,

    This is a working weekend, but still a fun one for me. The weather is beautiful here in Minnesota, I hope it’s lovely where you are as well!


    The salt in the liquid soap trick was mentioned in a book on Pranic Healing called “Your Hands Can Heal You” which I highly recommend.

    ~ Bright Blessings to you both!

  3. Eileen Weigand

    Hi Beth,
    I am saying hello and introducing myself all in one. 🙂 I found you on Live Journal and added you as a friend, so I hope I am not intruding too much. I enjoy your fairy artwork very much and am intrigued by the reiki, readings and healing types of practices you are involved with. I consider myself a pagan, but a very open minded one who likes to learn as much as she can about beliefs and practices of other people.
    I will add salt to my liquid soap and see how that works for me. 🙂
    Hoping to be online friends,
    Eileen 😀

  4. Hello Eileen,

    Thanks for stopping by. The only people I call friends are the people I know and love face to face. This isn’t Live Journal here, I write posts about Reiki, hopefully inspiring like minded people. Some of them have blogs of their own, and I’ve become acquainted with their writing style and ideas they write about. The ones I like are on my blogroll. I live my life in the real world and just write about a small part of it online. Not the other way around, because that wouldn’t be healthy and I really like my privacy.



  5. Eileen Weigand

    Dear Beth,
    So sorry, didn’t mean to offend you. My mistake. I do live my life in the real world, just making new LJ friends or so I thought. Again, my error.

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