What does Reiki feel like?

Lilacs in May

This was a question that was hard to answer in my new Reiki Frequently Asked Questions section, because it’s different for everyone and completely subjective. This morning I had fifteen minutes to give myself Reiki. My cat Jasmine jumped on the table with me, as usual, purring and prowling all around me. What I felt this morning during my mini-session was primarily peace and love. I felt so cared for even just remembering the experience fills me with this same gentle bliss. It is what I felt when I first began reading about Reiki, the feeling of being infinitely loved for who I am. Being loved expands into loving everyone and every thing, my heart wells up with compassion and the desire to share Reiki with everyone. How can I put that into a web FAQ?

2 thoughts on “What does Reiki feel like?”

  1. Morning Beth!

    What a beautiful post!

    You are absolutely right when you say that Reiki is different for everyone.

    This I have found out…is WHY Reiki can be so challenging to explain.


    Yet the LOVE that you speak of, seems to be the ONE THING that IS common among those who experience it.

    This only leads me to believe, that the “essence” of Reiki….is LOVE!

    Like YOU….from the moment I first received Reiki…this feeling of “Infinite Love”….is what has supported my very existence.

    And continues to do so.

    As practitioners, I believe that we “spark” the LOVE that is already within others…simply allowing them to remember!

    Beth, I am SO joyous for your path through Reiki. You’ve allowed yourself to be “touched”… by TRUE LOVE!

    Bless you and have a wonderful day!

    Be well,

  2. Mhmmmmm, I agree with Ron ! And that picture says it all too… Peaceful, loving, harmonious reiki energy !
    Hope you have a great weekend, Beth !

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