Distance Healing

One thing that always surprises people about Reiki is that you can heal yourself with it. The other thing that they have a hard time grasping is that once you’ve learned the symbols, you can send the energy over both time and distance for healings. I had been practicing my Reiki I skills for over two months when I took Reiki II. I immediately began memorizing the symbols and started using it in my daily practice, both on myself to do distance Reiki. So far I don’t have any of those miraculous stories that one hears about, though my  own life has taken a new turn and I am having a growth spurt. I will continue doing the distance healing anyway, because I believe it is helping those I’m sending it to.

Reiki Bear One of the suggestions that I’ve ready about but haven’t tried for myself is using stuffed bear as a proxy during distance healing, so you have a body to touch while doing your healing. It’s also recommended for practicing attunements on, and besides they’re so cute it lifts your energy just to look at them.  So the healing bear is a tool that I have decided to invest in, because as an artist I’ve learned that having the right tools makes doing the work easier. Inspired by my own desire to have all that I need and my fingertips, I want to help other reiki practitioners as well. So I’ve opened the Reiki Artist Store where I can design and purchase reiki inspired bears and other tools. As Reiki continues to influence my artwork, I’ll be adding new designs to the store. Now I’m off to buy my little bear, and maybe a few other Reiki Loving things from my little store. I’d like to invite you to get some things too. 🙂

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  1. Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m on my first steps on the Reiki journey, and I’m just learning Reiki and blogging as I go. It’s transforming my life every day in ways that I never expected it to.

    Bright Blessings,

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