Summer Solstice Burning Bowl Ceremony Report

The sky was hazy when I arrived at Eye of Horus to get things set up for the Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony. I printed out a little outline of the ceremony for everyone to take with them. My husband David helped me with organizing the people, passing out the outline, and managing the clip-board that everyone used to write their intentions toward building a better community. I was the lone Reiki practitioner in the bunch, with Maggie & Jaimie both out of town at a festival all week. We used a cast iron cauldron with a lid to handle the fire.

While everyone was adding their paper to the fire, we sang this simple chant:

Burn Bright Chant by Nicholas Sea

Burn bright, flame within me
Kindled of eternal fire
Of the people I do be
And the people part of me
All one, many parts
Single pyre of flaming hearts

The ceremony was completed with a large amount of energy sent on the Reiki bridge to all the communities we belong to. I was a little more nervous than I thought I would be before the ceremony, but I had a few minutes to meditate and that took the residual jitters away. The haze cleared to reveal sun and sky again by the end of the ritual. Unfortunately my designated photographer, twin sister Jane, was not able to make the ceremony. So I have no pictures to share with you. Maybe next time.

7 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Burning Bowl Ceremony Report”

  1. Sorry I missed it. The day did clear a bit towards the mid afternoon didn’t it?


  2. Evening Beth~

    Even though pictures would have been nice…personally, I didn’t feel like I needed them to SEE and FEEL the beauty of this day – for you and your friends.

    How magical Beth…

    That the sun shined for you!

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

    Be well,

  3. Yeah, My parents and I were driving across the river about 9ish. and the clouds were parting, into the nice fluffy ones. Was a beautiful day for a wedding.

  4. I love Reiki….. Well done, it has such healing…

    Just stopped by again to say hello and see how you were doing this Saturday, Beth —

    Loving Annie

  5. I’m visting your Great Reiki website. Good job — I, too, love Reiki!

    Reiki Healings help!
    This is where Usui Reiki and other energy healing arts (energy medicine) are such good compliments to the law of attraction. I teach both. Conscious manifestation is our birth-right. We might as well focus our intent on things that bring us joy and well-being. We do have free will!

    Thank You
    Taylore Vance
    Reiki Healing Master
    Reiki Energy Healing

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