Reiki Origins

Reiki Origins ArtThe story of how Usui Mikao actually discovered or developed the system of Reiki is currently being debated. Much of the history that has been taught may have been less than factual, and have more of a mythic quality. Well…that’s what I love, a good myth that imparts truth within it’s storytelling. Here’s the tale as it’s been told in the West so far:

After fasting for 21 days, Usui Mikao had a vision of a brilliant light racing toward him which burst into colored globes, and the knowledge of the healing art of Reiki became clear to him at that moment. On his return down the mountain, he performed three healing miracles.

That is the tale that inspired my new watercolor and ink painting “Reiki Origins” which I have used to create designs for T-Shirts, Cards, and gifts. Today there are a couple of different trains of thought about the origins of Reiki, and I like to read them all. Whether you are inspired by Hawayo Takata’s storytelling, or the quest for provable facts, it doesn’t diminish the power that Reiki has in your life. Reiki is an inspiration to me, and I wanted to illustrate it’s origins in a way that was meaningful to me, a mystical artist. I’d love to hear what you all think of my little painting too.

3 thoughts on “Reiki Origins”

  1. Hi Beth~

    You know…for me…I never much cared about the “where and how” discovery of Reiki.

    Let others debate…I just know how it FEELS!

    Be well,

  2. Hi Ron,

    I know what you mean, as a Gemini I tend to look at these things from all angles. I can tell people how Reiki came to ME, and that’s all that really matters. It’s an incredibly powerful energy, in that it gets dramatic results. But it’s also so subtle and delicate when I am giving and receiving it, that I just feel warm and comforted and relaxed.

  3. Hi Beth,

    Like any heroic figure, Usui-sensei’s true experiences may never be known. Whatever did happen may have been exaggerated or parts left out for better story telling. To me, the only important part is what Reiki does for us. However it came about, the rediscovery of this ancient energy is a blessing to us all.

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