The Return of Merlin

merlin.gif While packing up some books from our upstairs library, which is now our new house mate’s room, to go into the basement library, I stumbled across this lovely work of fiction called “The Return of Merlin” in part of my husband’s collection. I’ve never read a Deepak Chopra book before, though I have seen some of his talks on DVD. I’ve found them incredibly informative and inspirational toward self-improvement and transformation. So now I’m reading this book and I’m very excited and curious to see where it goes. This is a work of fiction imbued with metaphysical underpinnings. In the introductory chapter, The Key to Merlin, Chopra has this to say:

“What society thinks of as reality today is the hypnosis of social conditioning, an induced fiction in which we are all collectively participating. It is the melodrama of a humdrum existence, filled with trite obsessions and trivial pursuits, wherein our only fate is to be born, grow old, and die.

If we could just realize it, the keys to the miracle of life lie in our own consciousness.

Life will bestow miracle on us when we begin to see it as an expression of the miraculous. Life itself is a miracle. We are here and now–that is a miracle.

The wizard’s tower is that sacred place inside us, where there are gods and goddesses in embryo; their ony desire is to be born, to manifest into form.”

Inspiring words lead to inspired ideas. As I continue to read this book I intend to do it consciously, with my spiritual eyes open for whatever guidance that I may be able to glean from it’s pages. My understanding of how the world works needs to be continually challenged in order for me to grow and expand along with this ever expanding universe. To read a work of fiction is to embrace the fulfillment of human creation, where another human being has created a world that I can share in my mind. It is just one of many keys which open the door to a more meaningful life, beyond the door is the shimmering power of the universal life force, just waiting for me to open myself to it.

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