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I was chatting with a fellow healer yesterday, and he recommended flower essences to me. What’s interesting to me is that unlike essential oils, flower essences are created with the flower’s energy. One of the first things I do when I want to learn something new is search the web on it, so I found some information on Wikipedia which linked to some studies. Like Reiki, flower remedies are said to be merely a Placebo. The studies cited were specifically designed to study it AS a placebo, so I don’t see how they could have drawn any other conclusion.

If someone can show me a scientific study in which flower essences were treated the same as pharmaceuticals in testing, in which a portion of patients are given flower essences and another portion a placebo, then I would be more likely to take them seriously. But the fact is that the tests are not done that way. They are designed with other variables using the foregone conclusion that the flower essences ARE placebos.

Not that there’s anything wrong with placebos, because they do seem to cause a healing effect when administered. Therefore, a placebo can be the best treatment sometimes, as it’s non-invasive and effective. But the common misunderstanding about the placebo effect is that it’s not a real treatment.

Studies are beginning to surface, though, that show Reiki and other alternative modalities as having a better rate of effectiveness than placebo.

…experiments involving plants, in addition to confirming the non-placebo nature of psychic healing, scientifically confirm the ancient metaphysical understanding that healing energies can be stored in water for future use.

Which is exactly what flower essences do, in fact they add a little brandy as a further preservative. I personally use a healer’s spray that has been charged with pranic energy in addition to having essential oil of lavender in it. Not to mention the fact that flowers are used to enhance the emotional energy of an event or encounter worldwide. Whether as a gift for your loved ones, at a wedding, a funeral, or at the sickbed; the intrinsic nature of flowers is one of comfort and caring. Is it any wonder that when bottled, it can impart the same result?

Scientists once didn’t believe in the power of Love, but now they know that humans will die without receiving it in their first few months. It all comes back to the nature of the universe, that which makes us grow, create, and become human beings. The energy of love imbues all things, and can be transmitted via healing touch and flower essences, and we can survive and thrive all the better.

3 thoughts on “Flower Essence Therapy”

  1. Evening Beth~

    Such a wonderful post here. You’ve given us some very solid information and inspiration to FEEL.

    I KNOW what the “essence of nature” contributes to the sessions I share…and it never ceases to amaze me…the amount of tender LOVE that emanates from them.

    The “placebo effect” has always meant a “good thing” to me. It means just “trusting” without “thought.” And it sure feels REAL to me!

    Thank you SO MUCH Beth, for this awesome share!

    Be well,
    P.S. The photo is beautiful!

  2. I am a Bach flower user…temper tantrums (mine and my toddler’s), anxiety, required focus…it runs the gamut in our house the number of uses we find. Most importantly for us is the fact that there are no side-effects and the dosages are basically the same for man, animal and plant. I also use aromatherapy oils (certified) however find that the flower remedies work much quicker (especially Rescue Remedy) and they can be ingested a number of ways vs the oils…


  3. Welcome Lillithmother! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve started using aromatherapy oils as well, to use in times of stress. I’m going to have to pick up some of that Rescue Remedy to have on hand whenever needed.

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