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One of the key indicators of someone with energy healing abilities is that the palms of their hands become quite warm when they are doing their healings. This isn’t just true for Reiki practitioners, but also massage therapists, day care providers, and other people involved in healing. Before I learned Reiki, I had been working with Pranic energy healing. Though my hands would tingle, they never became noticeably hot.  In fact, I’ve always been a cold hand kind of person, until I received Reiki I training and attunement. Now they become warm quite often, most noticably in my palms whenever I do any of the following:

  • meditate in the Gassho position
  • perform Reiki or Pranic Healing techniques on myself or others
  • read about Reiki
  • write about reiki
  • draw or paint
  • worry about anything
  • receive an email for healing
  • do distance healing
  • think about my loved ones
  • am with someone who needs reiki

…just about anything that needs Reiki healing energy that happens in my life triggers the hot hand response in my palms. I can intentionally turn on my hands by invoking the spirit of healing whenever I intend to give Reiki as well. The hot hands do pass when the Reiki work that is needed is complete. And in case you are wondering, my palms are hot and sweaty even as I write this.


But are hot hands required for healing to take place? Absolutely not. Some people never feel that sensation yet are wonderful Reiki practitioners or healers. While working with energy may result in physical sensations such as hot hands, tingling, prickling or any number of other sensations, it’s not required for it to work. I know of one long-time practicing pagan who took a Reiki I & II class and wondered what the big deal was about. Since she had worked with  energy so often during rituals over the years, when she experienced the gentle touch of Reiki, she didn’t even notice it, while others in the class were deeply moved by the sensations they were feeling for the first time.


For me it’s become more important to continue in my practice than to always feel the energy in a physical way. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and ultimately, the energy that unifies and heals us all is the same, though our perception of it differs. That’s part of what makes our individuality so interesting, we each get to tell our stories and inspire one another.

7 thoughts on “Hot Hands”

  1. Evening Beth~

    Great post!

    And VERY true. I read in Diane Steins’ book, that her hands would heat up, even if she was sitting CLOSE to someone who was ill.

    I also knew a Reiki Master who’s hands NEVER got hot.

    As you stated…the physical “sensations” are not important.

    I’m like YOU though…my hands become a furnace. Sometimes while I’m sharing Reiki with Reflexology, I have to keep applying cornstarch powder to my hands, because of the abundant SWEAT. My body naturally runs very HOT…so during the winter months…I usually feel much more comfortable sharing energy work.

    I should probably move to Antartica and share Reiki with the penquins!

    Thanks for such an informative post Beth!

    Have a great weekend…

    Be well,

  2. Great post! Sometimes my hands get hot and sometimes they don’t – recently I gave Reiki to someone who was having a really difficult time and my whole body was so hot I felt like I was having a hot flush for about half an hour afterwards!! At other times I hardly feel a thing. I also used to get very warm hands when I practised yoga even though my hands are usually ice cold!

  3. Hi Beth!

    I didn’t believe that my hands would ever be hot (i’m a cold person too), until I received the gift of Reiki attunement. Now, as you said, even mention the word, and they tingle and heat up! It wonderful…and I must remember to think “REIKI!” on a cold winter day!

    However, what I didn’t know was that it can also happen during massage and the like! I thought it was just me (I am trained in a few body work healings), and glad to know it’s not unusual. Lastly, during one Reiki/massage session with a friend, she decided to send the energy from her sore back, back to me! I was awash suddenly in heat and I thought I was going to faint! I stopped instantly and asked her what had she done…and since then have asked her not to, because it’s I’m only a one-way conduit! LOL!

    It’s great to see you posting again…and that image of Lilith (whom I’m named after) is absolutelty beautiful!!

    Peace in,

  4. Thanks for the insight and your personal story Lil! It’s important to let your clients know how Reiki works, that as healers we do not take on the illness of our clients. Reiki goes in and sort of disolves it and it gets washed away on the river of energy. That’s why I like to finish with sweeping during every session.

  5. Hi

    I get hot hands and feel heat and sore spots when I put my hands on someone. When I held my hand over someone who has a cancer protuding from their head – It felt like someone put an ice block in my hand -it was so cold – what does that mean?

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