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I am so excited! I have just scheduled my Advanced Reiki Training class! It’s the next step in becoming a better practitioner, and then I’ll be saving up for the Reiki Master/Teacher class, which I hope to do next spring. Here’s what I’ll be learning in November from Susan at The Reflectory:

Advanced Reiki deals with techniques for Reiki psychic surgery using your hands and with crystals. We also work with crystals and other advanced methods for doing distant healing work, using different Reiki meditations, share our experiences and discuss ethics. You will receive instruction on 1 additional symbol, experience an attunement and receive a manual specifically for Advanced Reiki.

This is the training that is taught at the International Center for Reiki Training, which seems to be the most complete training in Reiki techniques that I could find in the Minneapolis area. Here’s some more about it from the ICRT website:

The style we teach is a combination of the Usui/Hayashi method as taught by Mrs. Takata combined with a style based on Tibetan shamanism called Raku Kai. In 1998, after reviewing the research done in Japan, we added the Japanese Reiki techniques to our training.

There have been other additions that were developed by the ICRT including Aura Clearing, the Healing Attunement, Beaming, and the Karuna system of Reiki. Scanning was developed independently by the ICRT in 1993, which closely parallels Byosen scanning; the technique developed and used by Dr. Usui, but which was not known in the US until 1997.


So it is more than just Reiki I, II, III and *POOF* you are a master. I’m a big fan of learning as much as I can, so this is definitely the right path for me. It is also the line of training I took for my Reiki II class with Kristin last May. I met with Susan when I was looking for a Reiki Share last summer. I’m just so happy right now!

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  1. Reiki greetings, Beth!

    Just checking in and am so glad that you are keeping up with your Reiki practice! I’m also glad that you’ve found Susan at the Reflectory. She is the Master to my Master, and therefor worthy of all esteem. Just a comment: I’ve been a full time Reiki Master/Teacher since way back…with a national student list. I sincerely wish you the best of luck and serendipity with your path. Love, Kristin

  2. Sorry Kristin, I was under the impression that it was a second career for you, and that you had an unrelated day job. I hooked up with Susan when I was looking for a Reiki Share I could join in on last July.

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