Why I Meditate


I could easily tell you all the reasons why you should meditate, and link to countless websites to support my view. While some of those may be part of why I meditate, it’s usually not what gets me to sit my but into my chair and get into a calmer state of mind. I meditate because I need to. Plain and simple. Here’s some of the stuff I get out of it:

  • Connection with my Spirit Guides
  • Insight for living a better life
  • A stress reducing micro-vacation
  • The opportunity to do Reiki on myself
  • Something cool to put into my journal
  • A place to worship the Goddess & God
  • A chance to let go of discord
  • Sitting quietly by candlelight & incense makes me happy
  • Solitude

Those are the ones I can think of right now. I usually meditate before bed, and last night I was so tired that I nearly skipped it. I’ve been irritable lately, largely because I haven’t been keeping up my meditation practice. Which also means less Reiki for myself and ultimately others in the house. Frustrations get the better of me, and I don’t let pessimism pass by.

Keeping a positive mental attitude is the key to my happiness, and meditation clears out the clutter to let me do that. I get to connect to my inner self and the greater Source, which reminds me that I am but one star in the galaxy. It’s all of us shining together that create the beautiful web of life connecting flower to tree, person to stone, animal to water, together becoming a whole tapestry.

As I walk, as I walk

The universe is walking with me

In beauty it walks before me

In beauty it walks behind me

In beauty it walks below me

In beauty it walks above me

Beauty is on every side

As I walk, I walk with beauty.

—Traditional Navajo Prayer

2 thoughts on “Why I Meditate”

  1. What a beautiful prayer! I am so bad at making time to meditate and pray and give myself Reiki – so bad!! I really must try to make more time for it.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I always have to remind myself that it is my connection to the infinite that really matters during a Reiki session. Keeping that constant is more important than the 101 things I need to Do Right Now. In fact, it helps the 101 things get done QUICKER if I meditate and remember to care for myself.

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