First Autumn with Reiki

Autumn EntI just realized that this is my first Autumn as a reiki person. Since Autumn is my favorite season, I’m looking forward to the usual raking of leaves, Halloween festivities, hot apple cider and the smell of pumpkin pie. Because next month I will be taking the Advanced Reiki Course, I want to prepare myself both physically and energetically to get the most out of the experience. For me that means a better diet and getting back on my exercise program. So I’m researching all things vegetarian, so that I can learn to incorporate that into my eating habits better. I’m not ready to go meat free, I just want to give myself more options.

This year we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house, so I’m looking into some Veggie Friendly recipes for the holiday too. The beauty of reiki is that you can add it to all the foods you cook, and according to my Pranic Healing training, food cooked over a flame has the highest level of prana in it, followed by an electric burner. Microwave ovens, because they are not an actual heat source, do not add prana to food. I want the best for my guests, so I’ll be doing some test recipes over the next month, and eating healthier as a result.

As my Reiki Business continues to grow, I’m looking forward to sharing this aspect of energy work with my clients as well. After all, Reiki or Pranic Healing energy work is only a small portion of how we handle the fuel of the Universe, Ki. It is a blessing to be able to create a space of warmth filled with good vibrations. What my Reiki Studio offers to my clients, I want to offer to my friends and family in the rest of the house. And Autumn reminds me of that, cuddly sweaters and a warm cat on the lap, with a cup of tea with my friends. As my connection to Reiki grows stronger, so does my connection with the people in my life. It really is the universal energy of love.

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