Reiki Changes Things

Sometimes as we grow, we experience growing pains. Our old thoughts and patterns don’t fit us any more and must be set aside. New ideas, feelings, and understanding start taking root within our hearts as we explore ourselves. Change happens, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large ways. As my Reiki Practice begins to grow, I’ve found myself looking at people a little differently. Seeing myself through my client’s eyes, I find I grow stronger and feel more blessed after completing a Reiki Session. The Reiki heals me as it flows through me to the client, and I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. It is a gift that keeps on giving, and creating a life for me that I never dreamed possible.

I am, bit by bit, becoming more organized. I am dedicated to keeping my home tidy and welcoming. I’m even slowly confronting my personal demons: finances and fear of failure. One thing is very clear to me, as I allow Reiki to flow in me and my life, I am also allowing both strength and flexibility to grow in me as well. My focus is gentle yet unwavering as I walk upon this path, and I’m meeting some really fantastic people along the way.

Care to join me in a Reiki Session? I’ve added an online calender to my website so you can see when I’m available here in my Minneapolis Reiki Studio.


I am extremely grateful to all of the people who have come and let me share this wonderful gift with them. It is such a blessing that words fail me. This dream that I didn’t know that I had is coming true and unfolding as my life.

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