An Affirmation for Healers

Inner Temple of WitchcraftThis is a wonderful affirmation that I use from time to time, especially before Reiki Sessions and after receiving additional training. I can’t claim credit for this one, because I got it out of the Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. It’s a wonderful book that gives an overview of the history of wicca & witchcraft, but the bulk of it is developing your metaphysical abilities. I didn’t mean for this entry to be a book plug, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Here is the affirmation:

I am completely healthy on all levels.

I am in balance and harmony.

I release all that does not serve my highest good.

I am safely opening my healing abilities.

This is a book I own and must recommend to anyone interested in learning more about magick, meditation, and psychic development. When I do meditation, I often spend some time doing one or more affirmations. First I write the new affirmation on a 3×5 card, then I speak them out loud three or more times. After a while, I’ve memorized the affirmation and can call upon them at any time I may have a need. I save the card for use in future meditations.

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  1. I had meant to stop by and leave you a comment after you posted this one, but apparently I neglected to do that. This is a terrific affirmation. I haven’t seen this book yet and so I appreciate you sharing it.

    Nice review. Blessings!!

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