The Gift that Gives Back

Rune Gebo

A client of mine asked me if I became tired when doing Reiki, and I answered honestly and said that I didn’t, I actually feel relaxed and refreshed after doing a session.  That’s because Reiki is a gift that is received even in the giving. There is an unlimited supply of Reiki in the Universe, and I act as the pipeline. Just as a pipe gets wet as water runs through it, I receive Reiki throughout my whole being even as I lay my hands on someone and give Reiki. This is an ancient truth understood by many cultures, that gifts aren’t just for the taking. A true gift cannot be hoarded, but continues to bless those who touch it. The Norse understood that, evidenced by the Rune Gebo, which has the meaning of gift.

It is one line intersecting another, and reads the same anyway that it falls in a reading. It is about giving and receiving. Last Friday night I had the pleasure to watch a Nordic Roots performance of music and rhythm by Kari Tauring, and she had a basket full of Runes. She had each of us pick a rune, and sang a rune song giving us each a reading. I picked Gebo, and I knew that it meant that I must share my gifts with others as often as possible, for that’s what they were given to me for. When I look at the rune, it seems  to say to me that as my life intersects with others, we share a moment of exchange, and that moment is a gift of joy.

The following evening I had the honor of working as the Faery Reader for a bachelorette party. It was a wonderful experience and I left feeling very lucky at having been able to share that gift with others. So the reading was true, and I am doubly blessed.

2 thoughts on “The Gift that Gives Back”

  1. Morning Beth~

    What a wonderful post!

    It’s filled with some beautiful knowledge.

    I’ve had a lot to catch up on since I last visited. Wow…such great stuff is manifesting for you.

    I’m so happy for you, Beth!

    I also visited your other site (the one with the calendar). Beth, you did such a beautiful job. Not only are you artistic…but you’ve got a great business sense too – Wonderful balance!

    Fall is MY favorite time of the year too. There is something so “magical” about it. I just want to be outside all the time…watching the leaves turn color…and the squirrels burying their food for the Winter.

    Aren’t the season’s magnificent???

    Glad I stopped by Beth…it was good catching up with you!

    Have a great week.

    Be well,

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