A Long Week

Last week I began a new job, so I spent much of my time adjusting to a new schedule, early to bed and early to rise. I had a few moments a couple of mornings to spend in a brief meditation and to bless my doorways with Reiki. I think I did my nightly meditations twice last week, I went straight to bed other nights after being out late. Now that I have a new schedule, I’ll have to adjust some of the things on the Calendar accordingly. I have decided when to schedule my first Reiki Share too. I’m going for the Third Saturday of Each month as a regular repeating day from 1-3 in the afternoon. I have a few people who have voiced an interest in this so I will be contacting them with the day and time. It should be fun, and a chance for me to get Reiki for myself monthly as well as give it.

2 thoughts on “A Long Week”

  1. Hi Beth,

    Hope the new job is good for you. I know how it is trying to find a way to make ends meet and make Reiki a growing part of your life. Same here.

    Because I feel so strong in my distance practice, I’ve decided to offer a brief mentorship in distance Reiki to Reiki practitioners who would like to strengthen their confidence level and get feedback, hints, and practice exercises from a personalized relationship via email. Check my blog and let me know what you think.


  2. Thanks for the invitation Alice! The new job is in the health care industry and I work in a billing center. I really like it so far, and the stability that a regular paycheck is bringing me is a huge blessing. After five years of juggling an Art Career and various part-time jobs, it’s a welcome change.

    Distance Reiki is a wonderful aspect of this healing modality, and I work with it whenever I can, both for myself and others.

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