Reiki Get's Down to Earth

There is a lovely little article on Earth Ki that describes one of the aspects of Reiki that isn’t talked about as much, and that is being filled to overflowing.  For years I’ve been what’s commonly known as a Pagan, one who honors the Earth and her seasons and works with her energy, sometimes called magic. So I’m familiar with Earth Ki, and I know just the goddess to invoke to begin. The practice of Jumon mentioned in the article is a powerful one as well, used by monks and priests worldwide. It is merely chanting and focusing on a particular energy source. With Reiki it is focusing on the name of one of the Reiki symbols.
A year ago when the symbols were fresh in my mind, I practiced this as well to great effect. I was filled with Reiki so much, that it was as if I was walking in a different world. Everywhere I went there was something new about Reiki, or I would by chance meet another Reiki practitioner or master. Sometime over the past few months that experience has become dulled, which is one of the reasons I am now hosting a monthly Reiki Share, so I can keep myself charged up. Now I think I shall endeavor to return to the practice of Jumon again. My hands and arms are tingling as I write this, so I think it’s time to go upstairs and get started.

Have a great night!

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