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Reiki Table with Cat


I woke up one morning and went into the Reiki Studio only to discover Caruso lounging in the morning light on the Reiki Table. He does love his Reiki! Every night I try to spend some time on that table giving myself Reiki, so it’s usually Reiki charged and ready for any cat to lay down and soak it up. This is my Cat on Reiki. 🙂

I’ve added this picture to my Reiki Session page so people can feel confident that they will leave their Reiki Session with both Reiki and cat hair. It is also a good demostration of the relaxation response that often accompanies a session. Melting into the table, or sometimes feeling a bit giddy after a session are commonplace.

Giving a cat Reiki is as simple as petting them. They will tell you when the session is done by getting off the table. Usually I shut the door with the cats on the other side as I like to meditate before giving myself Reiki, but one evening I let Caruso’s shy sister Cleopatra stay. Even when she got on my lap insisting that I pet her, I was able to maintain my focus on my meditation. Then she joined me on the table and shared in my Reiki session, and we both went to bed after that much more relaxed and happy as a result.

So I learned that Reiki can really help me keep on track in my meditation and provide additional healing energy to my cat at the same time. It’s just one more thing to be thankful for.

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  1. Love the picture and the story of your cat and the Reiki table. I invite you to take a look at my blog article “Calling All Reiki Stories!” for a look at my cat, Saqqara, who usually takes the opportunity in the classes that I teach to join in on some paws-on Reiki. You can view it at http://wildreiki.wordpress.com/2008/05/23/calling-all-reiki-stories/
    And if you would like to submit a Reiki story that would be even better!

    And thanks so much for giving my blog an award, I was honored.

    Best wishes,

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