On Busy Days

On busy days it’s easy to say “I don’t have time to meditate” and just move on and do all those nagging things that you need to do to manage your life. Except for some reason getting things done seems tougher because there’s always the next thing tapping you on the shoulder reminding you to do IT first. Pretty soon you’re being pushed and pulled by all those tasks, memories, ideas, that you can’t concentrate. And you can forget about getting a good night’s sleep because they will follow you there too. Nope, it’s much better to take the time to slow down and find your center, and spend some quality time with your own soul.

I skipped my meditation last night and boy did I miss it! It’s my mini-vacation from the chaos of daily living, and it gives me a much better Source to draw from than my To Do List. So now I have a date with my soul tonight, and nobody else is invited. The cats have even learned to leave me alone when the candles are lit and the incense is burning. So I think that from now on, on busy days I’ll make some time to meditate. And give myself a little Reiki to bring things into balance. Which brings us to today’s featured design from the Reiki Artist Store:

Bring Balance T-Shirt

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