Review of "Reiki Master Attunement"

dvd004.jpgI chose this as one of my NetFlix options, because I’ve read about the video series and I was curious to find out how this video/time/space attunment process worked. The blurb says: “Learn the process of attunement — sacred meditation with specific intent — from Reiki master Steve Murray in this enlightening program.” Since I’m already trained through the Master level, I was interested in seeing someone else’s teaching style, and maybe learning a thing or two.

The DVD started with cool new age music and scenes from the Pacific ocean. Finally we get to see Steve Murray in person. He gives a little instruction on what this video is about and how it all works. Then he talks a little about the Reiki Master Symbol, and a diagram of the symbol pops up on the screen. It was imposible for me to see the correct order in which to draw the lines, and Steve did not demonstrate how to draw the symbol. It was slightly different from the version that I learned in class.

This is a 30 minute video with a large amount of time showing a crystal on some rocks by the Pacific Ocean during your attunement. At no point does Mr. Murray demonstrate how to actually do an attunement. That was a big dissappointment to me. He did say to visit his website for complete written instructions on how to pass on an attunement.

Did I feel something during the attunment? Yes, my hands tingled and my heart Chakra tingled, and I felt the presence of my Reiki Guides. So that part of it was real enough. The main thing that I learned is that there is no substitute for actually taking a class and learning directly from your Reiki Master.

Reiki connects us with what it means to be a whole human being, connecting body, mind, and spirit within ourselves…AND with those we share Reiki with.

Whether it is as a student, pracitioner, recipient, or teacher; Reiki unites us with each other and with the Power of Creation. Call it God, Goddess, The Force, or Reiki Energy — it will bring us all together for a brief moment in time. If the only available means is over a distance, then that’s what you have to do. Believe me, I understand what it’s like to hear the call of Reiki and want to move toward that healing center as fast as possible. But the Reiki will still be there for you, and if you ask for a real-life-in-person training experience, it will be made available to you.

So I will read my Reiki books again and again, I will continue to work with my clients, and I am starting to teach Reiki to others, the best I can. Reiki meets you where you are in life, and right now, I’m here in my Reiki Studio watching my cat Caruso sleep next to the door to the deck, anticipating my future here. I will always be a student of Reiki, no matter how many times I’m attuned and no matter how many classes I may teach.

It’s like being a kid again in springtime, and schools out for the summer and I’m free to explore everything around me. The world is a brighter more colorful place for me with Reiki in it.

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