Crystals and Reiki Healing

I’ve been slowly gathering a small collection of different crystals to use during healing. I have several Quartz points that I’ve used to make a crystal grid, and I also have some tumbled stones that I’ve used in meditations. Now that the sun is going down earlier, it puts me in the mood to start working more closely with the stones again, to discover their properties.

  • Carnelian – This orange & yellow stone stimulates analytical capabilities. It provides enhanced perceptiveness & helps awaken inherent talents & ingenuity. It is a bright, happy stone that works well with the lower Chakras increasing physical energy, personal power, creativity, & compassion. Carnelian protects against envy,fear, rage, sorrow, & home sickness. All in all, it promotes a sunny outlook on life, and encourages you to shine brightly. I keep mine in a little red bag.
  • Blue Quartz – this stone is also a boost for creativity and expression. Due to it’s soft blue-grey color, it is associated with the throat chakra and it enhances communication between the lower and higher chakras. It brings a sense of order to all things, releases fear and brings courage to one’s life.  I keep mine in a little purple bag.

These two stones really called to me today, and I think I’ll be using them for myself over the next few days. One of these days, I may just get around to getting a box just for the stones that I use for healing, just like this one below:

Reiki Heals

That way, I can have them at hand when I need them. It’s also a good reminder about the power of Reiki and it’s role in my life. This Reiki Heals design is also on t-shirts, bags, journals, cards, and all kinds of good stuff!

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