Thinking of Roses



My husband took this picture on his walk to work, and I’m thinking of putting roses like these out in front of the house, climbing over an arbor at the end of our walk next Spring. They look like the standard Apothocary’s Rose, and I wasn’t sure we could grow them here in Minnesota because we are typically a Zone 4 around here, though Minneapolis has some Zone 5 areas. Actually, things are changing quite a bit as we have a family of red squirrels we see in our yard from time to time, when the cat isn’t outside.


The only problem I foresee in my plans for the gardens here at Applewood Cottage, is that I have a full-time job and websites, and cafepress stores to design. Time to garden? Not really. But I hope to manage it all somehow. We are still busy in the unpacking process, though we are nearing the end of painting. Still, the back garden is a mass of grasses, crab and otherwise that I need to get cleaned up before the snow flies. The dream is to have an herb & flower garden there and I’ve been doing some research about what will work. There are Lillies there now in a couple of spots, as well as a 4 foot high stump of a narrow tree that the boxelder bugs were feeding off of last month. We will have to trim it down, because it’s the tallest thing in the garden right now.


So much to do, so little time! But Fall gives me a chance to get some of the bed prepared for next year, and I’ll have all Winter to dream about what Spring will bring.

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