Reiki and Chakras

The Usui System of Natural Healing teaches us about energy as taught through the Japanese view of life force energy, the Hara center which is located just below the belly button in the middle of the body, and the Hara line which travels throughout the body. At the same time, many people like myself learned about energy working with the body using the Chakra system that came out of India.

Reiki Chakra Pillow

I use both with my Reiki and they are both valid…and it’s still the same Reiki. It’s just a focal tool for the mind, like the hand positions, and I do beleive both systems are completely valid and are real working energy points within the body. As a painter I learned to work in layers, starting with the framework of a drawing, filling in tonal values, and finally adding the colored layers.

Well, that’s how I work with Reiki too. I start with the Hara and then I work the Chakras as well. I learn as much working with my own energy as I do working with clients. Tonight I feel the need for a big overhaul, so I’m going to work with my Chakra’s one by one. It’s one method of keeping my energy system charged and working well, in balance and harmony with my life’s purpose, whatever that may be.

I usually start from the top and work my way down, but this time I think I’ll start at my root Chakra and work my way up, from Earth Ki to Heaven Ki to put it in Japanese terms. I do honor and respect the origins of Reiki, but my personal understanding of energy also includes the Chakra system. Reiki and Chakras work well together, and many of the western teachers were taught that way from the start.

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