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ReikiNewsFall08Every season I get a little Reiki gift in the mail in the form of the Reiki News Magazine. This issue is no different, and I’m really enjoying all the articles I’ve read so far. What I like about it is that I really get to keep up with what’s happening now in the larger Reiki Community. It’s wonderful to learn how other people are sharing Reiki, and what their experiences have been like. Right now I’m reading about Reiki Energy and a healthy diet, and I got to the part about ice cream and chocolate and had to walk away for a bit. Keep in mind this article was written by a Man, so he may not know what it’s like out there for us ladies every month. I use chocolate for medicinal purposes…and for a bit of pleasure. For me the key is moderation, so maybe finishing off the chocolate ice cream like that was a bit indulgent, it sure felt good while it lasted!

Seriously, I’ll take a look at the article and make some plans to begin eating a healthier diet. One thing that I know I can do is come up with a meal plan, then shop to fit the plan. Because I love grocery shopping. Change won’t happen overnight, but with the help of Reiki, I plan to start in the following way: at least two meals with fish each week, and at least two mostly raw meals. By raw I mean veggies or fruit only, I’m not doing the raw meat deal! Now that I’m in my Forties and my husband had his big Five-O party last summer, I think it’s time to take our bodies a little bit more seriously.

Tomorrow night is Friday Night Reiki at Eye of Horus, and I’m really looking forward to another fun night. Last week I got there later than usual, so I want to be there as close to 6:30 as possible, but it still may be closer to 7:00. Whenever I show up will be fine with Maggie, and I’ll jump right in and start doing Reiki right away. I’m hoping for a turn on the table myself, but I’ll be getting that Saturday anyway at my Reiki Share here in the Reiki Studio. 🙂

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  1. T and I have started using meal plans through financial reasons – we had so little money we realised we were eating cheap foods that had no nutritional value. So not only do we save money bow but by planning our meals we actually end up with very balanced foods :o)

    Just wanted to also let you know I left you a little gift over on my blog!

  2. I’d like to thank Amanda for the lovely little gift. It’s fun getting these little pick-me-ups online from time to time! Her blog on Celtic Reiki is Roots That Heal and I’ve added it to my blogroll.

  3. I enjoyed the fall issue myself. Recently found your blog and have enjoyed it. I just received my Master certificate this past weekend from William Lee Rand in Seattle. Wow!!!!!!!!!! What an experience!

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