Feeling Watched

Tonight during my meditation I was being watched. First by one cat, then by another. I guess they were just making sure I was doing it right, and it didn’t really bother me at all. It makes me wonder what they saw while I was sitting in the chair and then laying on the Reiki table giving myself Reiki. Their lovely marble eyes fixed on me, until they got bored and went on to new things. Cats are great observers, they watch things that we can’t even see sometimes. Right now I’m still getting over my cold, so it’s mostly just energy work that I’m doing, with my hands spending a little extra time on the upper body, throat and head to make sure the healing process continues.Reiki Heart Green Chakra Shirt

That’s the most important thing I learned from my Reiki Master Maggie, is to let the hands go and do their thing. During a reiki session, I don’t control the energy, it just flows wherever it needs to in order to get the job done. Setting the intent before beginning helps me to set it aside after that, and to pay attention to any signals either my body or my client’s body is telling me. Another place I spend some time is on my heart chakra, because it brings everything into balance. Getting through this virus has made me moodier than I would like too, so in helps heal my emotional upsets.

I’m taking good care of myself so I will be ready to assist Maggie in her Reiki II class at Evenstar Books on Sunday. Tomorrow is the last day of my regular job work week, and then a busy weekend will be followed with taking Monday off. I want to be well rested when I cast my vote for change on Tuesday.

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