The Reiki Circle & Reiki II Class

Last week I went to the Reiki Circle hosted by my teacher Maggie at Evenstar Books and while I was there Maggie mentioned that she was going to be teaching a class on Sunday November 2nd for Reiki II. So if you’ve been trained in Reiki I and want to learn Reiki II, then give the nice folks at Evenstar a call. I will be assisting Maggie in the class as best I can as her apprentice.

Evenstar Books
2401 University Ave. W.
St Paul, MN. 55114-1507

Shameless plug complete, I can tell you a little bit about what happens at this Reiki Circle I mentioned. A bunch of Reiki practitioners get together, and send Reiki across time and space to help people who requested to be on The List. It’s like a prayer circle, only with Reiki, so the energy is phenomenal by the end of the night.

The List is organized with names under different categories, the largest section being “For the Highest Good” and other sections like “Finding Right Employment” or others for health, wealth etc. The night begins with each person getting what’s called a Cutaway, where the Aura is swept to release any unwanted attachments or energies that might have been picked up during the day. That way we can start out the night’s energy work clean and ready to act as Reiki Channels. Everyone sits in a circle and sends energy towards the center, to be sent off as the names are read aloud, three times each. It’s a gentle but powerful way of sharing Reiki with those who want and need it. Gentle because Reiki is the Gentle Healing Art, and powerful because it really works!

There has been some wonderful feedback from people who’ve had their name on the list, including myself. I’d interviewed for my current job and hadn’t heard anything in weeks. Then I went to the Reiki Circle and three days later I got the job offer, for more money than I had been asking for to start. Small miracles follow Reiki activity, that’s just the way the Universe has things set up.

Reiki II is the level that you learn the symbols and how to do distance Reiki, which is what we do in Reiki Circle every other Monday night. Are you ready to take your Reiki to the next level? Give Evenstar Books a call to register for the class on Sunday November 2nd. Do you want your name added to the Reiki List? Contact me via my email form and let me know, and I’ll add you.

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