Namaste Goes Dark

Namaste goes dark…but in a good way.  This popular saying among Yoga teachers is used among Pranic Healers I know as well. So naturally I made a design out of it, not knowing it was going to become my best seller and always near the top in searches at CafePress. At the time, I designed it for the joy and meaning of the word.

According to, namaste is:

 ”A Sanskrit word meaning The Light of God in Me recognizes and honors The Light of God in You and in that recognition is our Oneness.”

Paired with the lotus blossom, I even bought the tracksuit with the design in a nice rosy pink for my personal use. I’ve learned more about how to design for the CafePress family of products, so now I’ve added a version that works well on black and dark colored t-shirts in pink, green, and purple.

Dark Namaste PinkDark Namaste GreenDark Namaste Purple

They say that nothing succeeds like success, so I figured rounding out the selection would be a good thing. Now I just need to decide which one I want to order for myself!

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