Sacred Circle

Tara’s PhotoAs my very first paying client, Lady Tara holds a special place in the history of my Reiki practice. Today she was over for a session, and we talked about the changes in both of our lives over the past year or so since our energy work together began. Always upbeat, always encouraging, these sessions are as healing for me as they are for her. I’ve learned so much over the past year, and with the Presidential election now behind us, I’m looking toward the the coming holiday season and new year with hope. I really should get a reading from Tara, I could use a glimpse into what the future may bring for me as a practitioner and a reiki teacher.

There is a feeling to me that a sacred circle begins whenever you give reiki. From the gentle healing flow of this universal source of love and healing, through my willing hands, and on to whoever is ready to receive the blessing, a cycle is created. Those who are blessed are healed in such a way as they become a greater blessing to others. The gift is passed on even though it may change shape. That’s the nature of energy, to move and change and grow. One touches, another councils, and yet another may play music, write, or create art.

Tonight during my own self-reiki session, two of my cats joined me on the table. As I was lying there I recited the Five Precepts, with an emphasis about being grateful to every living thing. And I am very grateful today indeed, and filled with hope for the future of those that I love.

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