Live Well

I’ve been very inspired with the coming new year. Hope has kindled surge of creativity, and some of those ideas that have been bouncing around in my head finally found their way out. The mission of my online store is to be inspirational, and I ran across the phrase “Live well, laugh often, love much” and I knew it was time to add it to The Power of Three  collection.

live well, laugh often, love much

When I think about living well, I think about being able to spend time with the ones I love. Sharing my life with my husband, sister, and all my wonderful kitties makes my life feel full. That’s why I love this phrase so much, it all works together because when I’m living well, I’m spending time with people that I love, which inevitably leads to much laughter. This time of year there are so many social things happening, and I want to do them all and spend as much time as I can with the ones that I love.

New Year’s Eve will be spent at a dear friend’s house, it’s become an annual tradition that I wouldn’t miss. It’s always a time to catch up, and share delightful conversations. It’s all about the love really, and having an open heart and an optimistic outlook. That all helps me to bring it all back to live well. Plain and simple, the butterfly represents my ability to fly to new opportunities. Nothing says laughter like a Smiley face, and of course the lovely pink heart bursting with the chance to find out how much love I can share. Yes, 2009 will be a very good year indeed.

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