Tiger Sushi on Lyndale

Sushi Platter from Tiger Sushi on Lyndale


On Wednesday I decided to go visit with my sister Jane at Eye of Horus after work. I’ve been helping her with the re-do of the website and she wanted to show me what’s next on my list to do. Since I was coming right after work, I called and asked if she wanted to do dinner, and she suggested going to Tiger Sushi which is just down the block from the Store. It’s been a few years since I had Sushi, and it was frigidly cold that night with a temperature of about 10 below zero and a windchill that was much colder.

But we bundled up good and walked the two blocks to the restaurant. When we stepped in the door Jane and Thraicie received a warm welcome from the staff as they’ve been regulars since it opened seven weeks ago. The atmosphere is clean, contemporary, and relaxed with an artistic flair. We chose to sit at a table rather than at the large sushi bar so we could concentrate on our conversation. As a Reiki Master, I’m trying to keep my energy level high and part of that is eating good foods, and at Tiger Sushi we certainly accomplished that.

At 7:30 on an icy Minnesota night I had a simple meal of tuna sushi with a side of rice and a glass of red wine. Jane had the fish tacos which she fell madly in love with. The staff was warm and welcoming, and I had a chance to meet two of the owners. It’s clear that they love what they do and their customers. Once we were done with our meal, the waiter came with a plate of delicious fruit artistically arranged, compliments of the chef. Food prepared with love has a higher energy vibration than ordinary food, and we were happy to partake of such energetic fare.

The service we received at Tiger Sushi was outstanding, and it’s a reasonable price for a meal but I felt like I was a favorite client of a much more expensive place. It was a delightful evening. I definitely want to go back again, next time with my husband. I’m enjoying the exploration of the Japanese culture blended with the west, both in Reiki and now in sushi.

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