Celtic Reiki

My spiritual path has been a meandering one; from Christian Mystic to two flavors of Druidry, self-directed paganism, my Reiki studies, and variations on the Wiccan theme; there is one thing that I keep coming back to and that is the Celtic spirit. Maybe it was all those George MacDonald books that I read in my teens and twenties; but something about the music, the artwork, the intimacy with the never ending cycle of life that Celtic culture brings calls to me.

I’ve decided that I am obliviously creative, because the meaning of what I’m doing doesn’t become clear until it’s done, and usually someone else points it out to me. It was my sister’s observation upon visiting my Reiki Studio that it was decorated in a rather Tree-ish theme. There is a door leading to the back deck where I’ve hung a Celtic Tree tapestry as a drape. On the opposite wall from that is my original oil painting of Summer Oak, and on another wall is a limited edition print by James Christiansen called the College of Magical knowledge, which is a castle build up within some trees. Then I added my Greenman candle holder next to the nice leafy green and gold votive holder and….I really had no idea what I’d done.

So what has that to do with Celtic Reiki you may be asking.  Lots, because it uses the Irish Oghams which is an ancient Druid alphabet associated with trees, among other things. Around a dozen years ago I made a study of the Ogham as a divination tool, I even created sets out of fimo. Celtic Reiki can be learned via the internet, so I paid my small fee for my set of PDF manuals and distant attunement and voila! Celtic Reiki Master at your service.

Now I will be breaking out my old notes and experimenting a bit with the Oghams as Reiki Symbols and see where it takes me. I’ll share my progress from time to time as I go along, because this journey is bound to take me to interesting places I’m sure! Until then, I’ll leave you with Summer Oak, or Duir in Ogham.

Framed Summer Oak
Framed Summer Oak Print

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