Power to the Planet

Sometimes I take modern conveniences for granted. Today I was happily working away at my computer on a new design for the Reiki Artist Store when I heard a bang and all the power went out. I called the power company and the recording said that power would be restored in about four hours. So here I am at home with no car, just the cats, and no electricity. My mind went to wondering whatever would I do all day? I can’t do laundry, watch TV, or work on the computer. What would I have for lunch? I can’t use the stove or the microwave.

Not knowing what else to do, I took a nap. Shortly after I got up I had some cold chicken and a cinnamon roll for lunch, and I was just wondering what I would do next when the power came back on. Whew! My life was back to normal with my spoiled suburban ways. But I did go ahead and finish that design I started, in honor of Earth Day:

Power to the Planet
No I’m NOT kidding. I was seriously working on this design – Power to the Planet – when the electricity went out. Go green or go without is the moral of this story. Oh yeah, and everything is connected is the sub-plot. It’s not all just words you know, the metaphysical really does affect the physical, and vice verse. This experience has definitely given me something to think about, like the fact that coincidences are put into our lives to emphasise the lessons we have to learn right now. Gaia had a point to make with me today. Welcome to my mystical magical life!

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