Honor Thy Mother…The Earth

Just one more design for Earth Day and I think I’m done, this one is Honor Thy Mother and I’m featuring the maternity top here:

Honor Thy Mother Maternity

Here is my own version of the Goddess Self Blessing that’s been going around Pagan Circles for many years now:

Bless me Mother for I am your child…
Blessed be my feet which walk upon the sacred path
Blessed be my knees which kneel at your altar
Blessed be my womb without which we would not be
Blessed be my heart which overflows with compassion
Blessed be my breasts which nurture life
Blessed be my lips which speak your sacred names
Blessed be my eyes which beholds your beauty
Blessed be my crown which opens me to your power
Bless me mother for I am your child.

So today I just have to say Honor thy Mother and Be Blessed!

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