What's The Universe Up To Anyway?

I’ve been so busy updating my Mystical Fantasy Art website, that I’ve neglected my duties as a Reiki Blogger. Sorry about that, it’s a busy world and I’m in it.

I’ve been doing my meditations more often than not, though I still can’t seem to get a morning meditation in. Lately I’ve been working on my website in the morning before work. That cut out a chunk of Useless Television Viewing that I was doing in the morning. The truth is, NBC comes in like crap with our new DVD/VCR combo player we put in because the old DVD died. So no more Today Show for me. Honestly, I think the resulting productivity is the Universe conspiring in my favor again. Silly Universe.

Speaking of which, have you been getting the Notes from the Universe in your in-box each day? I have, and today’s note goes like this:

Oh yeah, regarding your ancient spiritual contracts, Beth, that outlined every facet of the life you now lead? Well, just wanted to remind you that they’re all re-written every dawn, and perpetually updated as each day unfolds.

Proving yet again that nothing is meant to be, that you are truly unlimited, and that anything can happen next, if you choose it.

The Universe

All courtesy of www.tut.com

It just goes to show how letting your creativity out every once in a while can be a Very Good Thing. The juices are definitely flowing, and I’m getting more and more inspired every day to dive into one of my many projects. At least I can check off the Wyrdhaven.com update, because that one is now DONE! 🙂

By the way, Sunday I’ll be at Eye of Horus from 12:00-5:00 for Reiki Sessions, starting at just $15.00 for Aura Cleansing. Tomorrow is my one official day off of the week, so I fully intend to play it by ear, so if that means napping with the cats then that’s just what I’ll have to do!

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