TV Free Weekend

When I was fighting the cold, it made sense to snuggle up on the couch with the TV on so I could drift in and out of sleep and not get too terribly bored. Living in a small house, the living room is right next to the kitchen so it was easy to get my much needed orange juice or heat up some water for herbal tea. It was warm, comforting, and just what I needed to recover from the worst of the cold. But now I’ve found myself plunked down in front of the TV for hours at a time when I have all sorts of fun and interesting projects that need finishing.

For example, my Reiki People section on The Reiki Artist Store is only partly done. All the designs have been completed for weeks, but I just haven’t uploaded them and set up the sections for them yet. Why? Because I’ve been busy watching TV.  Also, I’m behind on my housework as well, for the same reason. So Thursday night when I went to bed I decided I wasn’t going to turn on the TV Friday through Sunday. Friday was pretty easy, because I had to work and then I went and visited with my sister after work. Today is more of a challenge, but my husband is a Do-er and he’s busy doing things, so that makes it easier for me to do things. Tomorrow will be the biggest challenge of all as David goes off to work and it’s just up to me to be disciplined.

At fourty-two you wouldn’t think that I’d be acting like a bored teenager and spending so much time in front of the TV still, but that’s how it goes for me sometimes. I watched A LOT of TV growing up, and it’s easy to fall into that routine. But I have fun things I could be doing right now, like writing the February Reiki Artist Newsletter. My husband tells me that I’m brave and bold for doing this, because TV is so easy to do. He knows me well, and my love for HGTV is legend in my family.

So this weekend I’ll have plenty of time to get caught up on the following unfinished projects:

  • Reiki People Section in the Reiki Artist Store
  • Write and send out the Reiki Artist Newsletter
  • Finish painting the living room (the corners where tan meets red)
  • Unpack and organize the Craft Studio upstairs
  • Unpack and organize the Workshop downstairs
  • Clean house and do dishes

And if I really need to watch something entertaining, there are always my cats. I never get tired of watching them. One evening last week I was happily giving myself Reiki when I looked up and saw my Tinkerbell perched on top of the bookshelf. So I grabbed my camera to capture the memory. Enjoy!

Tinkerbell notices the lamp
Tinkerbell notices the lamp
Tinker Mind's the Gap
Tinker Mind's the Gap
Too Cute! Stop! Stop I Say!
Too Cute! Stop! Stop I Say!

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