Playing Catch-Up

It’s been a crazy busy month for me, beginning with applying with the Secretary of State for Reiki Artist LLC on July 1st! Yes, it’s official, my Reiki business is a limited liability company in the state of Minnesota. Then there was convergence, the purchase of my new autoharp, autoharp lessons, and the Shadows Holistic and Psychic Faire last weekend. Whew!

But the good news is I’ve nailed down a schedule for the business that I can work with, and I’m moving forward with it rapidly. There are now over 100 people subscribed to Reiki Artist News, and over 90 people are now fans on Facebook as well.

Sometime in the next month I plan to do a complete overhaul of to integrate the blog in with the homepage. Now I’m off to practice my autoharp, as I have my second lesson tomorrow.

The whirlwind continues….

1 thought on “Playing Catch-Up”

  1. Impressive! Imagine if we did not have Reiki, would all of this be truly possible. What I like about what you had written is how there is a sense of balance, sharing with the global community and of course energy. You have inspired me to go out and share the good news.

    Blessings to you.

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