Lately I’ve found myself getting completely exhausted in the afternoon, with 1-2 hours of work left at the day job. My self practice has been a bit sporadic as well. I’m hoping that this weekend we can get the door onto the room so I can have a bit more privacy when David his home. That way I’ll be less distracted and sessions for clients will be that much more private.

Lately, I’ve also found that even a few minutes in the morning saying the Reiki Precepts and giving myself Reiki help a great deal in setting the tone for the day. It’s so easy for me to let the little things get under my skin, but it’s so much better to just laugh them off. So not everyone plays this game of life by my rules, it’s time to let it go a bit.

Laughter is key, as is finding joy where you can and I’m looking forward to doing that more and more. But it’s the present that I have to learn to appreciate. These quiet moments when the breeze is blowing and the sky is blue and the cats are curled up on the Reiki table behind me. I hear the chimes playing outside as well.

Lately things have been wonderful.

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