Lend a Hand

This weekend was to be our big Garage Sale weekend. Yesterday went well, with friends bringing their stuff as well. Today the forecast called for rain, so we decided to try again in a couple of weeks. We have a lot of extra stuff, having downsized our house for a larger lot and a quieter neighborhood in the suburbs.

This weekend I’ve been learning a lot about how wonderful it is to help out. Tonight I’ll be helping re-arrange my favorite Minneapolis Metaphysical Store, Eye of Horus. There will be pizza and everything! I’m trying to find more ways that I can be of service to my community, and if cleaning and organizing is one of them, then that’s what I will do. This morning, I was feeling a little dissappointed that there weren’t any Reiki Sessions scheduled for the day. So I took a long hot bath and meditated on the Five Precepts and I realized, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, right now.

There will be ample opportunity to give and receive Reiki as my little business grows, but this is a unique chance to help out my sister with her store, and be in a fun and positive environment at the same time! Life brings with it many different challenges and opportunities, and I intend to make the most of each and every one of them.

In this case, I get to be a good sister, have fun with friends, and help make Eye of Horus a bigger and better resource for the metaphysical community in Minnesota. What a great way to round out the weekend!

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