Reiki Artist Newsletter – August 2009


Welcome to the first online edition of the Reiki Artist Newsletter! It’s August and I’m enjoying playing with the new design here at I think we have the basics installed, and now it’s just a matter of getting all the pages completed and online.

One of the Super Cool new features is the photo at the top. There are five images, and each one is featuring one of the Reiki precepts. They change randomly whenever a page loads. These are all my own photos of my gardens surrounding my home and Reiki Artist Studio.

In this month’s newsletter we have our article on clearing a room of negative energy, a shameless plug for the Reiki Artist Store, my new and improved Reiki Studio hours, and we’ll finish off with a very up-beat affirmation. Let’s get started shall we?

Clearing a Room of Negative Energy

Tonight I was feeling all the weight of the world on my shoulders, so I decided to clear my Reiki Studio of any negative thoughts that I may have carried in with me. Right now Music, and therefore sound, has played an important part of my life. I’ve been listening to more of my old favorites around the house and at work to get through the daily grind. An of course there is my ongoing autoharp classes and consistent practicing.

So using sound to clear the space seemed like the perfect choice for me right now. It’s brought me so much joy and contentment, that I knew that turning to musical vibrations before I sat down to do my meditation and self-reiki would be the key to my happiness tonight.

Years ago, I obtained a lovely little chime bell that I hit with a little wooden mallet. This was just what I needed to clear the air and make room for more Good Vibrations.

I went to the East, and I held the chime up, rang it and said “all negative energies, unhappy thoughts are now cleared away. I moved around the room counterclockwise stopping in each direction, North, West, South, and then East and finally turning towards center. By now my chime was ringing and sustaining the clear pure note, and the vibrations lifted the mood in the room.

Everything felt lighter and brighter, so I continued on my mission and lit some incense and some candles, and put a little Enya on the stereo. It is now a tranquil place where I did some self-reiki and cat snuggling to boot. Purring raises the energy vibrations in a space quite nicely as well, so it’s a good thing I have cats around.

Beginning August 14th
Reiki Artist Studio Hours Are:

Friday Night Reiki Share & Clinic 7-9
Saturday 12-5
Sunday 1-5

Call me at 952-994-6951 to make your appointment


And now my shameless plug for the store:
Click Here for Cool Stuff!

Last but not least…drumroll please….and Exciting new Affirmation!

I am excited about my new life

Great new opportunities are coming my way each day

I am filled with joy and wonder

I am meeting and exceeding my goals and dreams

Life is an adventure and I’m living it!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of my monthly newsletters that I’ve published online. Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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