Are You a Visionary? (repost from EoH)

The following is a shameless plug to help support my favorite little shop of Horus…

Originally posted on the Eye of Horus website, June 16, 2010 by Jane Hansen

Eye of Horus is looking for people who can help carry our vision for the next step in our evolution as a business.  Since we’re all about alternative paths, we’re not just going to banks (don’t you just love them?) to raise capital for necessary improvements and expansion. We wracked our brains for ideas and then  heard about how some other independent book stores were going direct to their communities and customers to raise capital.

Visionary Keeper of the FlameWe’ve listened to your stories about what the Eye means to you, thought about it, and decided it made sense to invite you to join us as we step further on this path of exploration. And because we know you like great art, we decided to create a series of Exclusive Limited Edition Art T-shirts!

Joseph Campbell said, “Knock and doors will open where there were no doors before.” So here we are, knocking on your door, raising money by creating something uniquely cool.  We know you want to keep the flame burning at the eye, and you can make it possible for us to reach a new level of selection and service.

We’ve selected eight amazing designs and created a limited edition badge that you can wear proudly as a Visionary Keeper of the flame.   Choose one or more inspiring designs, including a couple with artwork by Nene Thomas, and all of the shirts are available in sizes M through XXXL! Eight of the T-Shirts Are Also Available in Small and Kids Sizes! You will also get invited to special Visionary events and be the first ones to know about our transformation.

Reaching New Heights

These exclusive t-shirts will be made available this summer only. If you decide to become a Visionary, a Keeper of the Flame, you will not only get the T-Shirt, but you will make it possible for the Eye to continue to be much more than a store. We want to serve you better, but need your help to take the next step.

There will also be special Visionary exclusive events throughout the summer, for those of you who decide to join us in this adventure. We can’t give you details yet, on what all it means to be part of this unique group of Visionaries.  We can only let you know we’re working on all kinds of ideas. Click here to order your T-Shirt and become a Visionary for the Eye!

Check out All of these Amazing Art T-Shirts:

The T-Shirts are printed in the U.S. by The Mountain, and we’ve made special arrangements to have them customized with the Visionary logo shown here.  So yes, you can find them cheaper, but not with the exclusive logo, and you will know that 100% of the profits from these shirts is going to a special expansion fund to make sure we can continue to add more products, enlarge our teaching space and store, and oh, so much more.  Because we are having the shirts customized, it will take a few weeks before we get you the actual shirt. But the moment you place your order, you will be giving the Eye the leg up it needs to reach the next level.

Don’t Delay!  We need your help as soon as possible so we can move forward.  Order your Exclusive Visionary T-Shirt Today! For smaller sizes, click here!

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