Reiki and Running

Last night was Reiki Share night, and it was a wonderfully relaxing evening as always. One of my favorite things is having new people come in, and hearing their stories about how they came to Reiki. Sometimes it’s another Reiki Master who knocks on my door, and they always bring new insight on how they do their sessions. Sometimes it’s someone brand new to Reiki and it’s really exciting to share this wonderful healing modality with them and answer their questions as best I can.

It’s all about the path, and it can take you around the country or around the world as you search for deeper meaning in your life. I myself traveled around the Midwest as an artist, and even as far as Portland Oregon for the Faery World Festival once. Now that I’m firmly settled, I really enjoy listening peoples stories about where they’ve been, the people they met along the way, the the lessons that they learned. So last night I learned a little about Biodynamic Farming and Gardening which was a delightful surprise. It goes hand in hand with community supported agriculture a.k.a. CSA. From the website:

…biodynamic farming and gardening looks upon the soil and the farm as living organisms. It regards maintenance and furtherance of soil life as a basic necessity if the soil is to be preserved for generations, and it regards the farm as being true to its essential nature if it can be conceived of as a kind of individual entity in itself — a self-contained individuality. It begins with the ideal concept of the necessary self-containedness of the farm and works with furthering the life of the soil as a primary means by which a farm can become a kind of individuality that progresses and evolves.

Like Reiki it is a practice that is true to nature and maintains a healthy balance for a full and robust life. This is a really fascinating approach to farming and gardening, which includes an appreciation and reverence for the presence of life in all things.

Tonight I went for a run/walk as I am training towards a 5K run with my co-workers from my day job. It was good to get out into nature and challenge myself a little. While I passed the suburban lawns and gardens, I enjoyed the view of the efforts of both the humans skill at creating a beautiful garden, and the plants enthusiasm in growing extra tall and wide in this years summer weather. Spring came early in these parts, and the fullness of the plants certainly testifies to this. Including the weeds.

As I step up my training and my jogging bursts become longer and longer, I find myself up for the challenge. I give myself little pep-talks as I go, and inch my inch, yard by yard, block by block I progress. While I didn’t accomplish everything I had planned to do this evening, I feel very good about taking care of myself with exercise, and spending time outside.

Now I sit here in front of the computer and my calf muscles are tightening up, so I’m due for a good stretch before bedtime I think, and then a nice self-reiki session to get ready for a busy weekend.

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