Day 6

Today I played the role of Tarot & Faery Oracle Reader at Eye of Horus, and I had four clients come in. I think that’s a new one-day high for me. When I wasn’t doing readings I was busy reading Reiki a Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles, which is a really excellent book. She really explains what Reiki is, in all it’s stages. As a newly attuned Reiki I it was encouraging to read the following:

Because of the initiation process, in which the Reiki Master literally jump-starts your practice, anyone who chooses to be trained is able to practice Reiki, and I mean anyone.

She’s one of those practitioners who paid $10,000.00 to become a Reiki Master, and she takes a different angle on how there are so many instant masters being created these days, through weekend retreats or even over the internet. What she says is thoughtful and caring, and I really enjoy the tone of her writing voice. Ms. Miles also has some good advice to new Reiki practitioners like me.

To get your Reiki practice off to a strong start:

  1. Practice Reiki on yourself every day.
  2. Choose a time and place and “just do it.”
  3. Give yourself a full treatment whenever possible, but be flexible…
  4. Become immersed in daily hands-on Reiki (usually a minimum of three months) before taking Second Degree training.
  5. Remember, hands-on self-treatment remains the foundation of Reiki at all levels of practice.

Pretty good sage advice that I will definitely take to heart and apply to my practice. She has a fancy flash website which has some articles and info at that I’m going to check out when I have time. Right now I have to go practice my Reiki. 😉

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