Reiki Precept 4 – Earn your living honestly

Earn your living honestly

There are many layers to this precept, beginning with “Earn” it implies to me that you must earn your living, not just have it handed to you on a silver, or Reiki, platter. This implies work worthy of payment as well. The next layer I see in this simple sentence is about living. How we spend our time impacts the way we live our lives, and that living, that experience of life is something that we earn through our actions. Who we associate with, how we go about our tasks, what our intentions and goals are affect us. This is where “honestly” rises to the forefront. Are we earning our living honestly if we believe our employers or business associates are being dishonest with us or others? For me the answer would be a resounding NO, and my standards for any type of employment or business contract are now tempered by honesty. Reiki gives us the strength to make those choices in our lives. Pure joy is honest and true, and the more I let it flow into and through me the clearer my choices become.

2 thoughts on “Reiki Precept 4 – Earn your living honestly”

  1. well said, beth. you know i have always had a hard time working in an unfavorable environment…like not only the people i work directly with, but the overall atmosphere, way they treat others, etc. i dunno. i am not someone that can go in anywhere, punch my timecard and work 9-5 any ole place. i think that is unusual, but it simply is how it is… i think it is so great how you are fully embracing ALL aspects of Reiki into your life. Not everybody does that either. and i think it’s awesome. thanks for sharing your thoughts and journey beth. it is so very nice to read…

    ohhhh, i met Another Meredith over the weekend…maybe I’ll get her to start commenting here and Really torment you!!!! 😛

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