Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony

Since my exploration of Reiki began at the beginning of this year, I have been devouring all the Reiki information that I can get my hands on. One of which is the Reiki News Magazine, which is full of great articles, inspirations, and Reiki stories galore. The Winter 2006 issue Reiki News Winter 2006in particular had a wonderful article on how to do a Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony. It seemed like a really good idea, and I decided it’s time to put it into action. At Eye of Horus we have this beautiful Labyrinth Garden out back, which is just perfect for this type of event. I have a lovely ceramic bowl that I will be painting with the Reiki symbol on the outside just for the occasion. I got the approval from the powers that be at the store, and we’re a go for a Summer Solstice Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony!

The communities we create–whether it be among Reiki Practitioners,  Buddhists, pagans, or even our friends  and family–enrich our lives with energy and connect us to the creative source of the universe. This is what we will be celebrating at 1:00 on Saturday June 23rd, all the communities we’re a part of. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share Reiki in this unique and artistic way. I plan on asking my dear husband to photograph the event so I can post it on the blog here.

5 thoughts on “Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony”

  1. Happy, healing, hope-filled Wednesday to you, Beth !

    Ron over at ‘Footnotes’ has an excellent blog. He is into reflexology and Reiki, and really nice. You might like what you read there, a lot of it feels similar to the gracious giving energy on your blog —

    Looking forward to seeing the photographs of the upcoming June 23rd event !

  2. Hello,
    I happen to come to your site from Ron at Sole Work. I love your site and if you do not mind would like to visit again.

    Thank You

  3. Evening Beth~

    Just stopped by for a peek and found two of my favorite people commenting before me.

    I am SOOOOO happy you all found one another!

    What a blessing!

    And so GLAD you’ve found some great stuff to read on Reiki…..GO girl!

    Be well,

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