She changes everything She touches

A song about the Goddess goes like this: “She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes”

The one thing that’s required for continued growth is the ability to change. Some changes come suddenly, others over time. Yesterday both my new business cards for and my birthday present to myself arrived in the mail. Of Earth and Air, Of Fire and WaterThe gift is a print of a beautiful painting by Michele-lee Phelan called Of Earth and Air, Of Fire and Water about which the artist says, “She is Gaia, my Goddess, in all of her Elemental glory.” I will be framing this piece for my Reiki Studio as it is the best representation that I’ve found of my healing goddess Aine, until I get around to painting Her myself that is.

As an artist myself, I’m pretty choosy about who’s work hangs on my walls. I’ve been in touch with Michele-lee via her online journal and email over the past year or so, finding a kindred spirit in Australia who paints true to her own unique vision. It is a beautiful thing, and extremely rare experience to make an online friend. So, now that I have my business cards and a piece of artwork to adorn my walls, it’s time for me to start putting myself out there as a Reiki Practitioner. For me that means finding opportunities to share the energy with as many people as possible, it is a gift of the Goddess just as my artwork is and I can do no less.

I am extremely fortunate that I’m employed at Eye of Horus Metaphysical store where I can host events and teach classes, with the approval of management of course. I’ve already mentioned the Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony I will be leading to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a previous post. The other thing I will be doing is teaching a three hour workshop on working with your own energy which I am calling Running Ki: Balancing Earth and Cosmic Energy.

As a Reiki II Practitioner, I have found immense benefits to working with energy in meditations and self treatments. But even before I took any Reiki classes, I had been doing energy exercises as part of my daily meditation. For years I had been working with energy as part of ritual and worship, and had learned grounding, scanning, and charging techniques using Earth energy alone. Through my studies, I put into practice many useful techniques that you don’t need Reiki to practice. I have met many people who are non-practicing Reiki folks over the past few months, and these techniques would be helpful for them to actually use the energy that they were once drawn to.

In my art I am exploring energy issues as well, and I’m inspired by Michele-lee and her Dreams of Gaia website to stay true to my own unique vision, and let the Reiki flow through the brushes and pens and pencils until something true comes out.


5 thoughts on “She changes everything She touches”

  1. Good Friday afternoon Beth,
    the images you put up were both beautiful. Art and the choices you make as they reflect your Soul and inner beauty are such personal things.
    I do think energy is very much transmitted through any artist’s work.
    I used to adore a certain calendar that came out every year because each month’s picture felt so good !
    Blessings to you —

  2. Evening Beth~

    Oh my….I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!

    And Happy Birthday too!

    I know that feeling of getting your first business card printed and seeing it in PRINT. What a glorious feeling that is!

    I feel that such a wonderful journey as a practitioner is in store for you.

    You are SO connected to the LOVE of Reiki…and that is the most powerful ingredient of this beautiful and sacred energy!

    Wishing you the best for your workshop…it sounds wonderful!

    Have a GREAT weekend and Bless you Beth!

    Be well,

    P.S. I also love the painting!

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