The Fool's Story

shadowscapes tarot

Life is a work in progress. Above is a banner to another work in progress of the Shadowscapes Tarot by artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. This deck, which she estimates may be completed and published in 2009, is one of her greatest works to date, and a deck that I am dearly looking forward to obtaining when it becomes available.

If you are new to an understanding of the Tarot, then let’s begin with the Major Arcana – 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21 which represent the mythic aspect of our lives. Many of our major dramas, joys, fears and challenges come into play. It begins with the Fool at zero, which we all embody when beginning a new chapter in our lives. We are daring, excited, and not a little under-prepared because we do not know what will be expected of us as we pursue our goals and dreams.

As this year unfolds which began with a time of meditation and study, those things have continued for me as I took my Reiki and Pranic Healing classes and have begun putting them into practice. Now I’m helping others with Reiki and Tarot Readings, but I’m just a part of the story as are they. Ask any writer of fiction, and they will tell you that they didn’t intend for the character to do that, it was just what they did! And so we are co-creators with the God/Goddess/All That Is in our life. We are given skills, gifts, opportunities, but we decide which path to take and what we want with us on our journey.

I’m still figuring out how all of my varied talents can best work together for my own highest good and for those around me as well. Art was my focus for many years, and though I gained skill, I never felt truly fulfilled with it as a career, because it’s a huge struggle still. But now I stand on the edge of a precipice as a Metaphysical Fool and I’m eager to start on this road in earnest. The paint and brushes are just tools on the journey, not it’s purpose, and I’ll use them like a camera to record what I encounter along the way.

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  1. What a wonderful post! I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you and what you go on to create in your life each step of the way!

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